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8 Quick Steps To Stay Put Eyes

Pure Mineral Makeup Tutorial- Stay Put Eyes; How To Prevent Your Eye band false lashes From Running Away From You.

The smudge free eye is our goal.

Not raccoon eyes.

band false lashes
band false lashes

Sonrl Ugh. Seems a small problem in the big scheme of things, yet it can really be an annoyance, for sure. For me, it goes under the category of life clutter. And if you know me, you know I do not like clutter. Messy eye band false lashes, like clutter, can add to the small annoying things that add up and zap our energy.

Although, I have not had smudgy eyes for some time now, it is not completely foreign to me. And, let me tell you, I am a serious candidate for it. You see, I get teary eyed. A lot. It’s just the way I roll.

So, if anyone is destined to have smudges, it is me.

So, I thought I would explore band false lashes clutter with you. Because, I know this is an irritating fact that all of us eye makeup-wearing-fabulous women have had to deal with at one time or another.

Preventative measures

1. Be sure to wash your face in the morning so that there are no extra oils hanging around.

2. Apply your band false lashes creme. This seems contradictory doesn’t it? After all, I just told you to clear the extra oil from our face, now I am telling you to add it back on. “Make up your mind, will ya” I can just hear you saying. Yet eye creme is very important for preventive measures in the long run.

We want it all!

The trick is to be sure to use a lightweight creme in the morning, and don’t over do it. (Slather it on later that night!) and then…


3. Wait for the eye creme to absorb before applying your band false lashes. Go drink your green smoothie while you wait.

4. Next apply your powder concealer. I am a huge fan of powder concealers. I truly believe that my eye makeup stays put better than ever now that I have replaced my cremes with powder concealer & correctors.

5. For extra insurance dust your mineral powder foundation on your lids. In fact, dust extra under your eye area as well.

By powdering around your band false lashes, any product that falls while marking up your eyes, will get caught in the powder, making it easier to wipe away. Sweep excess powder away again when you are all done, with a big powder brush.

Are You Picking Up On A Theme Here?

Tip: Pay attention to the way your skin folds in your eye area…….does your crease touch your lash line? Is that the problem? When you do smudge, where exactly is it happening on your eyes? That specific area is where you need to alter your makeup technique.

Begin Applying Your Shadow

6, Use a soft eye pencil for lining around your band false lashes. Again, this may seem contrary to what would make sense when attempting to avoid smudging, but you want a soft pencil that does not pull on your tender eye skin, as well as a pencil that stays put. A hard eye pencil can tug and pull too much and cause long term damage.

7, Next, dip a fine brush into a matching or coordinating loose mineral powder shadow (tap off excess) and line right smack on top of the pencil liner. This combination of creme (pencil) and powder is stay-put magic.

Finish Off With Mascara

8. Apply mascara on top of powdered band false lashes and blink on to a tissue to wipe off any excess mascara that could end up falling and becoming a smudge.

Running out the door? Need a quick fix? Use the powder tricks above and be off with you!

band false lashes
band false lashes

What are your tips for keeping raccoon band false lashes at bay? Comment below. Us healthy style gals need to hear your suggestions!


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