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What Are Eyelash Extensions?

The latest trend to hit the beauty world is eyelash extensions. Those false mink false eyelashes uk that reside in the same family as your toothbrush or broom are a thing of the past. Eyelash extensions have rapidly taken over and are quickly becoming one of the most popular developments to emerge in beauty therapy for quite some time.

false mink false eyelashes uk
false mink false eyelashes uk

Sonrl Eyelash extension must be applied by a trained beauty therapist and a full set will take around an hour depending on your technician. They are meticulously attached to your own mink false eyelashes uk one by one, meaning that they look more natural than ever before.

You can choose, the length and thickness of your new, lovely mink false eyelashes uk so that you can decide how densely populated you would like your top lid to be. All you need to do is let your beautician know what your desired ‘look’ is and they can do the rest.

Typically, a well-fitted set of lashes will last up to a month as they will fall out with your natural mink false eyelashes uk over time. As you have probably guessed, these little babies are not necessarily cheap. To offset this, my tip would be to make sure you see a good technician so you get the most value and life from your extensions.

If you are getting these for a special occasion, I would also urge you to get a trial set done so that you can perfect your look prior to the day. This will come down to personal preference as it is hard to judge until you have actually tried a set of mink false eyelashes uk extensions.

If this sounds like the perfect treat for you, then get to your beautician and have a set fitted today!

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false mink false eyelashes uk
false mink false eyelashes uk

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