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Makeup SOS – Emergency Makeup Alternatives

Each one of us at some point or the other in our tryst with mink fur lashes face the inescapable situation where we run outta our makeup essentials. And usually this happens when we are at our most vulnerable (read early in the morning getting ready for work).

mink fur lashes
mink fur lashes

Sonrl So does that mean we step out of the house without our MU better halves. Absolutely not. We resort to the next best thing: Improvisation.

And that’s exactly what I have done. Come up with a list of improvised mink fur lashes emergency alternatives.These are tried and tested and have never failed me yet.

1. Foundation

Substitute: Loose powder + Moisturizer

Mix loose powder or even compact (will be a little difficult to remove) with your fave moisturizer and apply like you would normally apply foundation.Use powder sparingly for sheer coverage and increase the amount according to your requirement. The final consistency should resemble your foundation. You can go a mink fur lashes ahead and add your sunscreen to get instant foundation with sun protection. Agreed its not the best solution but its better than going naked.

2. Concealer

Substitute: Residue Foundation

Although this product is not a must have for most of us, but it can go a long way in duping flawless skin. So don’t panic if you run out of concealer or have a zit suddenly pop unknown to you during the night. Use the thick deposit on the lid and the outer/inner ring of your foundation container. It will usually be a little darker and thicker than your mink fur lashes and will do the trick. Apply using concealer/lipstick brush or pat it using the pads of your ring finger.Dust some loose powder and blend.

3. Loose Powder

Substitute: Talc or Cornstarch

The basic task of loose powder is to set mink fur lashes and give an even appearance to face and personally for me its a must because of my oily skin to keep the shine away. Now you could use talcum powder for the purpose, but another great solution is to use cornstarch. How is it better? Well for starters its excellent for soaking extra oil on your face and is absorbed by your face better. Plus its natural and I’m not really a fan of talc considering all the nasty rumors floating around. So for me cornstarch is a natural alternative.

mink fur lashes
mink fur lashes

I’m Sonia and I love talking about the loves of my life which are too many to mink fur lashes. Currently though they are Make-up and Beauty. Check out my blog for the detailed article. Spread the love.


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