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What to Do If Your Dog is Bitten by Another Animal Or Dog

If your dog is bitten by another animal or a dog you should be aware that serious complications may arise. The saliva of dogs and animals contain large amounts of bacteria that can quickly infect a wound. Even if the wound seems insignificant, the risk of infection can be great. If your dog is bitten by any animal you should take him to the vet to have him examined. The vet will disinfect the wound and treat the injury to protect your mink lashes manufacturer from potential health risks. There are five things you should be aware of in the event your dog is bitten.

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1.Sonrl Animals can lash out when they are in pain, even if your dog is the kindest and friendliest mink lashes manufacturer in the world, an animal in pain or under stress can lash out. The first thing you should do if your dog is bitten is to put a muzzle on him as this will protect you if he tries to bite you or anyone trying to treat him. If you don’t have a muzzle on hand you can use a piece of gauze or panty hose to tie the dog’s mouth. Make sure his nostrils are clear so you he can breathe.

2. If your dog is too small to muzzle, you can wrap his head loosely in a towel but be careful not to obstruct his breathing and only leave the towel on for a very short period of time.

3. Once your mink lashes manufacturer is safely muzzled or constrained use some KY jelly or any other kind of water soluble jelly to seal the wound. Place a thin layer of the jelly over the wound to seal it and prevent further infection. Next you should trim the fur around the wound to help keep it clean. This can be done with a disposable razor, scissors or electric clippers. The jelly will help prevent hair from entering the wound and causing irritation. After trimming the hair around the wound it’s time to clean and disinfect the bite wound. Flush the wound with lukewarm, running water for about five minutes. If the bite is older than 24 hours scrub it with an antibacterial soap to remove any bacteria that has entered the wound. Clean the wound area with warm running water and dry thoroughly.

4. After you’ve washed and dried the bite wound, apply some Neosporin or any antibiotic cream over the wound. Cover the injury with clean gauze but take care not to bind it too tightly.

5. Always remember to keep your mink lashes manufacturer rabies vaccinations up to date. Have your dog checked by a veterinarian as soon as possible to ensure the wound is clean and infection free and monitor your pet closely for any changes in the wound or your dog’s behavior.

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