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Luv-Lite – Must We All Obey the Unwritten Rules for Luv-Lite?

A world mink lashes private label 3d of alienation has developed over the past few decades, and it now holds humanity in its grip. Like a fish in water, you may barely notice it, but whether you know it or not, it is victimizing you and the people you love.

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Sonrl I saw this coming twenty years ago. I was alarmed by the emphasis of psychology, the personal growth mink lashes private label 3d, and popular spirituality on personal power skills; self-help; individual and spiritual autonomy; creating one’s own path. Guess what? Everything I predicted back then came true. This article is a wake-up call about where those trends have led us.

The creation of official fears that victimize you

Because of the beliefs that captured the popular mind twenty years ago, the current generation has been brought up valuing independence and self-protection to an unhealthy extreme. Now, as a consequence, everyone is afraid of relationship. (Not officially, mind you. What we say is, we’re afraid of losing our center; becoming dependent on others; being overly influenced by someone else’s thoughts or feelings; being exploited or depleted; etc. But in close mink lashes private label 3d, desire naturally arises, and our boundaries start to blur — and that triggers all the official fears.)

When people get afraid, they do things that hurt other people — a lot. People who are fearful are liable to lash out or run away quite easily. Lashing out obviously hurts, but so does running away. Even though they may run away to prevent themselves and you from being hurt, if they are running away from you, then you would experience that as rejection and abandonment. That hurts!

Thus, the cycle of victimization continues. Culture’s victims are afraid. Fearful people mink lashes private label 3d each other. Their victims’ response is to retreat. So they pull inward and then leave the relationship — or they go into hiding within relationship. They don’t know how else to protect themselves.

Scared people hurt other people

At the bottom line, scared (or hurt) people relate in ways that scare (and hurt) themselves and others. So, relationship is generally painful. And love is rarely good. Typically, in close mink lashes private label 3d, scared people fight, and break up, or agree to disagree, and clam up. Break up or clam up. Either way, the question becomes, why go there? Why take that risk? No wonder the majority of people now avoid relationship altogether, or minimize close relationship, or minimize closeness inrelationship.

What’s happening? The “me” centered, empowerment-oriented culture has created much alienation and mink lashes private label 3d. Alienation and fear, in turn, have created a lot of dysfunction — and malfunction — in relationship. And needless to say, dysfunction and malfunction have created a lot of conflict, a lot of painful relating, and painful break-ups. So, relationship has become a scary, unstable, unreliable thing.

Our painful experiences, and the painful relationships we see everywhere, have convinced us that it’s a good idea to live at a safe distance from our associates, whether we live together or not. (Physical proximity is less important than emotional proximity; people can be emotionally close while physically apart, but when we’re emotionally distant, we’re alienated no matter how close we (physically) are.)

The avoidance of relationship as standard operating procedure

mink lashes private label 3d
mink lashes private label 3d

Our culture has evolved many adaptations based on social fear — and its underlying presumptions that social mink lashes private label 3d are dangerous, and social fulfillment is out of the question. These patterns are so commonplace, we no longer see anything wrong with them. The avoidance of relationship is what people do; what people expect; and what people accept. And in fact, this is what people have become accustomed to; what they insist on; what they create in their own lives.

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