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How to Kill Lynx Lord Halazzi – World of Warcraft

To kill Lynx Lord Halazzi, you will need the following raid composition: strip lashes factory

Halazzai’s Boss Abilities are as follows:

Enrage: you have ten minutes to kill strip lashes factory before he enrages.

strip lashes factory
strip lashes factory

Phase 1 abilities:

Sonrl Saber Lash: Deals approximately 15,000 points of damage to two targets; the first player on the agro list and any player within a few yards of that target. This ability forces the raid to have two tanks so the damage can be split amongst two strip lashes factory.

Frenzy: Increases attack speed. A Hunter can tranquilize Halazzi when he goes into Frenzy. However, Halazzi will use this ability again before the cool down timer of Tranquilize finishes. Your healers must be prepared to heal through Frenzy as it is inevitable they will have to at some point during the fight.

Phase 2 abilities:

Flame Shock: This ability will cause 4,000 fire damage to a random player along with 3,000 additional fire damage every three seconds. This must be dispelled ASAP. Flame Shock is very similar to Holy Fire from Maiden of Virtue in strip lashes factory.

Earth Shock: Causes 4,500 points of damage to a random player. This ability also interrupts the target player if he/she was casting a spell and will additionally silence that player from casting a similar school of magic spell for four seconds.

Corrupted Lightning Totem: This totem casts a chain lightning spell on a random player causing 5,000 points of damage to that player as well as jumping to nearby strip lashes factory. The totem has 10,000 hit points and should be eliminated immediately. It is recommended that your DPS players setup macros to assist in targeting the totem the moment it appears. You can use the following macro: “/target corrupted lightning totem”

Raid Positioning: Both tanks need to face strip lashes factory and be in front of him in order for the Saber Lash damage to be split between both tanks. Melee DPS should stay directly behind Halazzi throughout the fight. Healers and Ranged DPS should position themselves in a circle around Halazzi and spread apart from each other to minimize the damage dealt from chain lightning.

Phase 1 Strategy: Both tanks need to stay in front of Halazzi while the rest of the raid DPSs him down. At 25% health intervals (75%, 50%, and 25%), Halazzi will shift into Phase 2.

strip lashes factory
strip lashes factory

Phase 2 Strategy: At the onset of Phase 2, strip lashes factory will split into two forms: a troll spirit and Spirit of the Lynx. Your secondary tank needs to quickly grab the Lynx when it appears while your main tank stays on Halazzi’s troll spirit. The troll spirit has 400,000 hit points and the Lynx has 200,000 hit points, and both will be at 100% health whenever he shifts into Phase 2. You will need to DPS either one of them down to 10% health before he will shift back to Phase 1. You can kill the Lynx first but you will need to wait for aggro to be established. Throughout Phase 2, Halazzi will use Flame Shock, Earth Shock, and Corrupted Lightning Totems. The raid will need to focus DPS on the totems and dispel the Flame Shock immediately. When either the troll spirit or the Lynx reaches 10% health, Halazzi will switch back to Phase 1 and resume his previous health status (75%, 50%, or 25%).


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